Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services include the exterior and interior window cleaning for residential and commercial properties. We use only environmentally friendly detergents that will leave your windows sparkling. Our specialists use only the finest professional grade widow washing tools and methods on every job to ensure quality results. For regular exterior glass cleaning or hard to reach windows we use our deionized water-fed pole system. Deionized water has almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate. You will have amazing, guaranteed spot-free results on your windows and frames. Your windows will shine like never before, and best of all, it is cost effective and 100% environmentally friendly.

Residential Window Cleaning

Rain Gutter Cleaning

No doubt you would like to be able to look after your rain gutter cleaning yourself, but the idea of hauling out those pesky ladders and trying to climb all over your dangerous and steep roof might not sound so appealing. We can provide rain gutter cleaning services to suit your needs. Even though rain gutters can be a bother, they are necessary, and regular gutter cleaning and roof cleaning is essential to prevent potential problems. A properly cleaned and maintained rain gutter system can save a lot of money in damage and months of headaches, not to mention horribly frustrating leaks!

Rain Gutter

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve the maximum output of your solar panel system. The financial impact of clean solar panels is immediate. Therefore, more electricity is produced by each panel which means less dollars billed to you by the utility company and direct savings to you. Our trained specialist have the knowledge and the solar panel cleaning tools to remove debris from the panels and leave them spot free. Our solar panel cleaning equipment allows us to clean the panels without walking on them or your tile roof.

Solar Panels on Roof

Construction Clean Up

Our specialists are experienced and highly knowledgeable in the area of Construction Clean Up. We have the tools, supplies, and manpower for your post construction clean up. We also have a large liability policy to protect you from the potential risks associated with this specialized service. Many builders and general contractors are on a time sensitive schedule so we understand the construction cleaning needs to be completed promptly.

Construction Clean Up
Post Construction Clean Up

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can enhance the appearance of your commercial building or residential property. Power washers can remove mold or mildew that causes walkways or sidewalks to be slippery. Power washing can also remove cobwebs under the eaves and dust on the exterior walls.

Pressure Washing Siding

Window & Door Screens

During the window cleaning process we remove the window screens and door screens to hand wash them. Our cleaning solution will not harm the fabric or the screen frames. If we notice any broken screen frames we will inform you and provide you with some solutions.

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County & Los Angeles County, CA

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