Residential Window Cleaning

We understand window cleaning takes time out of your day and is sometimes dangerous. Residential window cleaning typically involves climbing ladders and after several hours of cleaning your windows still may have streaks and smears. By having Wipeout Window Cleaning clean your windows you can pass the dirty work on to us.

Whether it is spring cleaning, entertaining guest, or regular window cleaning maintenance to enhance your home, our specialists will clean your windows with care and pride in workmanship. You will clearly see the difference having a professional clean your windows versus doing it yourself.

Window Cleaner

Hard Water Deposit Removal

Hard water is high in mineral content and it will leave a white haze on the glass. The white haze on glass is magnesium and calcium in water. This white haze on the glass is difficult to clean and may not be appealing to friends and family. The glass will etch over a period of time if the deposits are left on the glass. Your windows can be safely restored by our window cleaning specialists and eliminating the risk of expensive window replacement. We also offer glass sealant to protect the glass from recurring spotting.

The easiest way to soften hard water is by the use of an ion exchange water softener. The ion exchange water softener works by swapping the calcium and magnesium with softer minerals like sodium and potassium on a surface of resin. Softening the water can extend the lifespan of plumbing because the hard water will clog the pipes over time. This will also decrease the residues from soap scum and residues that are left on dishes.

Screen and Tracks Cleaning

Window screens and door screens are tricky to remove without breaking or bending the frames. Our years of handling window screens ensures we will not bend or break the frames. We can also remove the screens without tools so we will not damage the window or the screen fabric.

We offer a variety of window screen and window track cleaning packages. Our deep cleaning method delivers amazing results for your window and door screens. We brush out the window and door tracks then vacuum up the dust and dirt leaving your tracks spotless.

Repair or Replace Window & Door Screens

Have you noticed small insects in your house and you can’t figure out how they are getting in? Well, insects can fit through the smallest cuts in your window screens. We can rescreen your window screen, replace your broken or missing window screen at affordable prices. Material and durability are an important factor for screen doors because they get a lot of use. Getting your screen door to fit so it glides smoothly is another factor that you will only get with an expert who knows what he is doing.

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Residential Window Cleaning Services in Orange County & Los Angeles County, CA

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