Solar Panel Cleaning

We specialize in solar panel cleaning and solar panel maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We properly clean your delicate solar panels to save you time and money.

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve the maximum output of your solar panel system. The financial impact of clean solar panels is immediate. Therefore, more electricity is produced by each panel which means less dollars billed to you by the utility company and direct savings to you. Our trained specialist have the knowledge and the tools to remove debris from your panels and leave them spot free. Our specialized solar panel cleaning equipment allows us to clean the panels without walking on them our your tile roof.

Solar Panel Cleaning

After Solar Panel Cleaning

We can help your solar panel system operating at 100% efficiency!

We offer one-time cleanings and service contracts to maintain your solar panels on a regular basis. Our services are a necessary part of the solar panel system maintenance and most solar panel manufactures recommend cleaning the system to maintain its warranty. In most cases the amount of money you will save by keeping the systems surface clean pays for the cost of the solar panel cleaning and will probably put money back in YOUR pocket.

Solar Panels

There are many factors that contribute to the decreased efficiency of your solar panel system:

– Dust, dirt and debris build-up on the surface of your modules.
– Systems located near agricultural land, industrial areas, and heavily used roadways and highways are at greater risk for build-up of debris.
– Natural and unnatural particulate matters that collect on the surface.
– Plant, tree pollens, bird droppings, moss or fungus, suet from airplanes, and ash from fires can greatly reduce the efficiency of your power source.

Dirty Solar Panels

Clean Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Roof Solar Panels

Dirty Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important! Call or Text today (714) 262-7617 or (949) 335-8099. Dirty solar panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis or they will not produce their maximum energy output. The cleaning frequency depends on the location of the solar panels. Solar panels near high traffic roads or in fields may need to be cleaned more frequently. If the solar panel system doesnt  produce its maximum energy output you are losing money and paying the difference to the utility company.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel System

Properly mounted solar panels allow rain water to run off and not pool in the center of the panels. The only way to remove the dust and dirt is to professionally clean the solar panels. Even though the amount of dirt may seem minor, any obstruction has an impact on the energy output.

Dirt on Solar Panels

Clean Solar Panels

Never use tap water to wash down your dirty solar panels. We have the specialized equipment to clean your solar panels without harming them or walking on the roof. We also have the knowledge to properly address each solar panel system therefore we can clean them in the most efficient manner.

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